Guideline to enroll online class

Please watch the trailer video by clicking on it . Refund or transfer of any course is not available. For any query or feedback, please email at <bpeaid.ibb@gmail.com> Contact -02-55112857-60, ext.-117


Full Guideline for enrollment.

1. Choose login

2. If you are an old member go to login. , for new member, select signup

3. For new member, fillup the form with validate information and do not forget those information.

4. Go to coaching courses of IBB

5. Choose any course (you want to buy) by clicking on it.

6. Choose buy now

7. Choose make payment

8. Choose and select any of those -bKash, Rocket etc.

9. Select mobile banking

10. Select confirm

11. Give your bKash number and verification code.

11. After successful payment, again login

12. Again choose that particular course by clicking on it.

13. Go to course option. It will appear instead of buy now or add to cart. Choose Go to Course

14. Select start learning. You cannot jump over the 2nd consecutive class before attempting the 1st class.

15. Do not open the last video. Otherwise all classes will be lost



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